Welcome to Jurevicious Studios

At Jurevicious Studios, we strive to be your one-stop shop for unique and intriguing multimedia content and services.  That means when you need to kick off a marketing campaign or any sort of publicized project, our affordable marketing company has all the services you’ll need in one convenient place.

That includes:

  • Engaging Copywriting
  • Effective Multimedia Marketing
  • Intriguing Graphic Design
  • SEO-Friendly Web Design

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Engaging Copywriting

If it’s time to write new content for your website, to publish some high quality SEO articles, or to get that eBook down on paper, our professional copy writers can help.    Our copy writers have published books, magazine articles, blogs, news stories, press releases, product descriptions, websites, and more.  What can we write for you? We combine:

  • Credible Research
  • Cutting-Edge SEO
  • High-Quality, Publish-Worthy Writing 

Effective Multimedia Marketing

Whether you need content for your marketing campaign or help with the entire campaign, we can meet your needs.  Not only are we skilled in social media marketing, SEO, and internet marketing in general, but we also take on print and in-person projects like PR, consulting, and events.   Our marketing company specializes in getting start-up businesses a jumpstart with our:

  • Custom Marketing Plans and SEO Audits
  • Strategic Multiplatform and Multimedia Publishing
  • Professional Copy, Graphic, and Web Design

Intriguing Graphic Design

Today’s popular sites are image-based, and that’s why we create so many for our clients.  Our graphic designers have created everything from brochures, flyers, and T-shirts to websites, infographics, and logos.  Our design doesn’t stop at traditional marketing media either, we also create PowerPoints, videos, and animations.  Every piece of our graphic design stands out for its:

  • Modern and Relevant Themes
  • Eye-Catching Styles and Composition
  • Unique Perspectives and Content

SEO-Friendly Web Design

Get a website that gets noticed.  Our web designers not only create touchable designs with responsive multi-device programming, but every page is filled with our high quality multimedia content.  We can make your site easy to find and your products and services even easier to click with a website design that incorporates:

  • High Impact and High Resolution Multimedia
  • Persuasive and Clickable Calls to Action
  • Engaging and Shareable Content

Our Happy Clients
“Unbelievable!!! Professional and supportive service…. and FANTASTIC writing! I HIGHLY recommend!!!!”
Veronica, TwoMoveYou
Steers clear of the boring run-of-the-mill type of article. The result is a very interesting read that will educate and entertain your readers and yourself included. Highly recommended!!!
Tom, Innovalist
The quality of the research and finished product were truly great.
Jovanka, Health and Wellness Coach
Good quality work, research, writing, and posting abilities. Will hire again.
Scott, Waterhavens Real Estate