Most companies with the honor of page one Google rankings hire expensive SEO companies to maintain their lucrative position. If you don’t have the budget for a high priced service though and want to learn some SEO tricks of your own, start by checking out these 5 important secrets SEO companies use to make their job easier and your ranking better.

Matt Cutts Reveals Google’s Plans Regularly

First of all, no SEO marketer can guarantee you positive results and certainly not #1 rankings. However, they have learned some of the key strategies to improve their odds. This knowledge doesn’t come from any specialized degree though. Most SEOs get their info from the internet just like you, and the first place to go for news on Google search engine algorithms is straight to the source. Google rep. Matt Cutts has a personal blog where he hints at upcoming updates and links to more in-depth information from the Google Webmaster Central Blog. From these sites, you too can stay ahead of the search engine updates – as much as anyone can that is!

The Latest SEO Tips are on the Edge of the Web

If you prefer listening to your SEO learning, then head to the Edge of the Web. They have a podcast all about internet marketing and SEO. They normally hit the latest trends, bring in experts to forecast, and publicize best practice strategies in SEO.

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are Codependent

As far as we’re concerned, a new website comes complete with optimization, and if it’s not connected to both Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, then it’s not optimized. These two Google tools complement each other quite well, and if anything can tell you how Google looks at your site, they can. You’ll get a lot more information about the SEO health of your site and how search engines and internet audiences are reacting to it by using Analytics and Tools together. If you really want to make strides in your site’s SEO, don’t make the amateur mistake of using one without the other.

Small SEO Tools Mean Big SEO Savings

Taking care of your company website’s SEO on your own can take quite a bit of time, both due to the cost involved and the research time. You can cut your research and costs considerably though by using free search engine optimization tools from providers like Small SEO Tools. At first glance, the site looks like spam city, but it has several features similar to those used by SEOs when auditing sites. Make sure nobody has copied your site content with the plagiarism checker. Track your rank with the Keyword Position tool. Evaluate your backlinks with the Backlink Checker. They have several to choose from, and while they do have their limitations, they’re great for amateurs. Just stay away from the Article Rewriter and Backlink Maker for black hat reasons.

Increase Rankings for $100/month

For those competing for the #1 spot on Google in a competitive industry like law or healthcare, SEO services can get pretty costly, but for local businesses in small service areas, it can actually be very affordable. In fact, for as little as $100/month, you can publish a weekly blog. This will add permanent and accumulating value to your site, allow you to optimize for more keywords, and give audiences another reason to visit often. The key is to make the most of your blogs and other monthly SEO services, by using a reputable marketing company with skilled content creators.