Whether you are just starting your business or you are simply ready for rebranding, the logo is one of the most important design choices you’ll make. Your logo is the face of your company, so you can’t be too careful when choosing the concept and creating the design. You need to make sure that your first impression is both positive and appropriate to your industry. To keep yourself on track, follow these six tips to make sure your logo works for your company and its customer base.

Pass the 3-Second Rule

When it comes to marketing, which is an important part of business, you need to have a hook, and that goes for your logo too. Something about it must catch people’s attention. For this, ask yourself if it passes the 3 -second rule. Does it grab attention and communicate Salon Breeze Sample Timeless Logo by Jurevicious Studiosthe “what” of your business within those few quick seconds?

Make it Timeless

As exciting and intriguing as color and style trends are, they are also quick to move on. Consider whether or not your logo will stand the test of time. Classic logos that have lasted tend to be simple and bold. Less is always more! A busy logo will get lost in the onslaught of advertising out there. Use contrasting shades, colors, and strategically placed spacing to stand out instead.

Stay Professional

Don’t get too personal. Sure, it’s nice that you want your logo to be that sweet kitten you had when you were a kid, but does that really represent what your business is about? What kinds of products and services do you think people will attribute to that logo during that important first impression? A great font choice and simple icon created by a skilled graphic designer are more than enough to send your intended message.

Consider Context

In the past, company logos were on billboards and in newspapers. Now, they are displayed on a variety of digital mediums as well. Your logo needs to be able to transition to multiple formats including print, web, social media platforms, etc. On the internet, your logo may show up at full size or in its thumbnail version. ScoVille Simple Bold Logo Sample by Jurevicious StudiosThis may be overlaid on black, white, or even textured backgrounds. Consider all of the places your logo will be shown and make sure it still stands out and its message is still obvious, no matter its size or surroundings.

Print Smart

Printing is yet another concern. Some colors, particularly bright neons, cost more than other colors, because they require more specialized printing processes. Printing costs can take you back to simplicity as well. More elaborate logos require more colors and often contain more fine lines and small scale details. These do not resize as smoothly as bold lines and simple graphics. When your logo will eventually be on business cards, brochures, signs, T-shirts, or even billboards, its ability to resize and print affordably becomes extremely important.

Give Your Logo Legs

You may love the look of your logo, but how helpful is it in terms of marketing? In other words, can you build several cohesive marketing campaigns around it? All of your advertising should tie together, whether in print or digital form. This consistency builds your brand image. However, every now and then you need to branch out, targeting specific demographics or products. That means the more versatile your logo, the better it can inspire and relate to the message of future marketing campaigns. Listen to the advice of an experienced graphic designer. They should have no problem taking your inspiration and vision to create a logo that makes you stand out and gives your brand room to grow.