Affordable Video Production

Sometimes, you need a quick little video for your website, a humorous animation for your viral campaign, or a mini flash game for your sales funnel, but you don’t have 10s of thousands of dollars to make it happen. We understand. In this age of multimedia madness, there’s no reason your business shouldn’t be able to afford a multimedia marketing campaign.

Who can afford to hire a a script writer, producer, director, actors, graphic artists, editors, or all the time and resources that go in to making a big budget production though! At Jurevicious Studios, you don’t have to hire Hollywood to publish viral media. Our uniquely skilled team can handle your entire video production project, from concept to promotion at a fraction of the cost of most studios.

Take a look at our range of styles in the samples below and then shop our convenient online marketing service store for pricing details.

On-Location Commercials

Ask a Business Lawyer
Sometimes, you get asked the same questions over and over again, and only a small number of those calls turn out to be clients.

With this Ask a Business Lawyer series, we wanted to help Eric Helmy vet non-potential clients while also establish credibility with potential clients. Watch the video below and then check out the rest of the episodes on the Ask a Business Lawyer playlist.


Send Them to Camp!
If you want a video for your email marketing campaign or social media profiles, then it’s a good idea to go cute and/or humorous. That wasn’t hard to do with the adorable dog talent we had access to for this shoot.

This video is actually the first in a 3-part commercial series we’re launching soon for Cascade Pet Camp.


Commercial Pricing

Our on-location commercials tend to run about $2000 and up depending on the talent and prop needs for the concept.
Please call 541-645-0244 in advance to book your affordable commercial production.


Animated Business Videos

New Business Networking
In this animation, our goal was to create a how-to video to help new businesses network effectively while also mentioning how ReciProty can be a useful tool for this process.

This video was also a great way to funnel traffic to the client’s growing networking platform.


Ask the Financial Doctor
This is episode 2 in an animated series called Ask the Financial Doctor.

We produce the animation for Chuck Price, the Financial Doctor, and regularly integrate it into our SEO and marketing campaign for his two exciting financial ventures.


Animation Pricing

Animations and whiteboard videos like these cost $1200 for up to a 90s clip. Click here to learn more details or to book your animation now.

Timed Presentation Videos

Using Acupuncture for Pain Management
In this timed slideshow, we wanted to create an educational acupuncture presentation that could be played online, in a clinic office, or at a kiosk.

We kept the music quiet and calm for soothing background play while maintaining engagement with compelling graphic animation.


Presentation Pricing

Depending on the length of your presentation and the complexity of the animations, our timed presentations cost $800, including music, copywriting, graphic design, and search engine optimized multiplatform publishing. Contact us to order your next business presentation now.