Are Your Writing Skills Holding Back Your Business?

You are probably awesome at what you do. Right? You can admit it. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be in business. Perhaps you’ve worked your way up, studied for years, and somehow fought your way to the top. Congratulations on obtaining expert status! […]

The Truth about Reviews

With the increase in customer interaction via social media, review sites are becoming a much more important part of the online consumer experience. Unfortunately, what many of us assume about reviews is not the truth. Not knowing how online reviews really work can be damaging to you […]

Why Invest in Better Blog Writing?

Writing is something we all have to do in our daily lives, but that doesn’t make everyone a writer. Unfortunately, with the rise in content creation and SEO services, too many people are labelling themselves as such. You can find writers who will work for a penny […]

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media has become a great tool for businesses, but the marketing mistakes some people are making are causing their business profiles to do more harm than good. Do your best to avoid the following social media marketing mistakes.

This is the most common mistake we see. A […]

3 Important Keys to an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Ever since Mail Chimp and Constant Contact have updated their media capabilities, we’ve been getting a lot of requests for email newsletters and the content, media, and templates that come with them. This increase in our email marketing services has brought our attention to some less than effective practices, […]

Seven Signs Your SEO Company is a Scam

The world of search engine optimization is no secret to most business owners with a website, but it’s quite obvious that spotting SEO scams still is. About 25% of our clients come to us after paying for SEO and getting no results – or no SEO at all […]

A Few Holiday Blog Strategy Suggestions

Too early?  Sorry, but if you want to implement a holiday blog strategy, you need to begin planning now and start as soon as possible.  You may not be ready for Santa at a computer, but your blog needs to start thinking about it.

If you are a blogger or […]

How to Blog: The 2013 Beginning Bloggers Edition

There have been a few requests for advice for beginning bloggers, and we are working on projects with clients who are just learning the craft as well. Since blogging has been such a massively expanding industry over the past decade, I assumed there would be an overabundance of webpages […]

  • Sustainable Marketing Services in Portland
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    Providing Sustainable Marketing Services in Portland and Beyond

Providing Sustainable Marketing Services in Portland and Beyond

One strategy most marketers commit to right away is saturating the market with brand imagery. In the past, this meant billboards, flyers, business cards, and print ads right along with all the digital mediums. However, as more audiences seek out environmentally-friendly alternatives, sustainable marketing has become a […]

Will the Google Hummingbird Update Hurt or Help Your SEO?

The internet world has been aflutter of late regarding Google’s latest algorithm update. This wasn’t another Panda or Penguin update, but a completely new process. This, of course, has people panicking about their SEO. We have been fielding a lot of questions on the topic, so we thought it […]

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