How to Rank in Local Search Results

Now that so many businesses are looking for new customers online, the global marketplace has become very competitive. If you have a product or service that you can deliver worldwide, it probably makes sense to not be concerned with localization. However, when you consider how many companies are optimizing […]

Is Your Social Media Campaign SEO-Friendly?

Sure, your social media strategy may be friendly to your followers, but is it friendly to search engines? Gathering followers isn’t the only thing a social media business page is good for. It can also help point traffic to your site, by becoming a major SEO satellite. […]

The Increasing Popularity of the Presentation

If you’ve been following our blog long, you already know we’re big fans of multimedia. Many companies interpret this as pictures and videos though. There are some great social media sharing tools for presentations and podcasts though, so don’t restrict your marketing potential by skipping those channels. […]

Internet Marketing with Google Plus

The Google plus one button is one of the most underused yet valuable ways to advertise your business on the Internet. However, aside from running a likeable and honest business, you don’t have any control over the plus ones your company or company’s website will get. The Google plus […]

Top 5 Tips for Successful Blogging

Blogging is a great way to boost your search engine ranking, to reach your fans, and to find a place to get your views out there among the people.  Unfortunately, not everyone uses their blog wisely, which means they don’t get the kind of readership they need to make […]

Use Experts as an Internet Marketing Boost

Site owners and content creators work hard every day to come up with new content that people actually want to see. In order to keep traffic flowing, they have to make sure that content stays current, and sometimes, it’s hard to find new ways to attract traffic and engage […]

Three Things an SEO Audit Tells You about Your Business

As the internet claims more sales worldwide, businesses are scrambling to finally address the internet equivalent of print advertising; SEO (search engine optimization).  If you want customers to find your products or services, your brand needs to be online, just as it would have been in the phone book […]

It’s Time to Become a Connection on LinkedIn

Especially when it was first developed, LinkedIn was essentially the online social version of a Rolodex. Even though its format has been updated and modernized, the site still serves as a relatively stark business tool for professionals to stay connected and help each other network for future job positions. […]

How Copywriters Affect Your Web Traffic

Content is what drives the Internet. If people aren’t going online to look at pictures, articles or videos, then they’re probably not going online. Sure, checking emails and chatting with friends is a great reason to visit the web, but every now and then, those friends will send a […]

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