Social media has become a great tool for businesses, but the marketing mistakes some people are making are causing their business profiles to do more harm than good. Do your best to avoid the following social media marketing mistakes.


This is the most common mistake we see. A business owner sets up all of their social media profiles at once and creates the same profile language for all of them. Then, when they take the time to post, they only come up with one idea and post it on all of their platforms. This is self-plagiarism. Sure they have permission to reuse that language as many times as they want. Unfortunately, Google doesn’t see it that way. They are looking for original and helpful information. If they see the same info copied and associated with your business website and social media profiles, they will downgrade your ranking.

Keep your title and tagline the same to keep your branding consistent, but be sure to reword the rest of your info and posts for every place you decide to publish them. A professional copywriter can help you do this.

Cross-Platform Post Repetition

Now that websites can be automatically synced with social media profiles, people can usually see the most recent posts across all your platforms right there in your website’s sidebar or footer. This is certainly convenient, but if you’re posting on the same topic on all three platforms, they’re going to see the same information repeated several times in that area of your website. This is why it’s so important to mix up your posts.

You can still get the same information on all your platforms, just be sure they’re not all discussing the same topic on the same day (or even within the same three days). That way, when they glance at your recent social media posts, they’ll see a nice variety that will be more tempting to follow.

Passive Social Media Posting

The key to a good social media campaign is interaction. When your posts are passive, that means they aren’t reaching out to the public in a way that spurs action. Listing facts, quotes, and pretty pictures isn’t going to get too many responses. You want your audience to feel like they are having a conversation, not just being talked at.

Pair engaging media with questions, polls, contests, and more to keep your profile fun and relevant to your followers.

Promotional Post Overload

It is certainly important to let people know what your business does and how it does it, but you don’t need to remind them of this all the time. Too many posts are meant for promotional purposes and this only serves to annoy followers. If you are too much of a salesman, eventually, they will stop following your page.

It’s ok to advertise your products and services, but this should be done only a few times per month in between more engaging post types.

Non-Existent Social Media Marketing Strategy

The worst type of social media marketing strategy is not having one at all. Just like any marketing campaign, you should have goals and an intelligent plan in place. Your social media marketing strategy should be linked to your overall marketing campaign. The same themes you’re using in your print and internet ads should inspire your social media posts and purpose.

Speak with a marketing team who knows how to effectively combine print, internet, SEO, email, and social media marketing. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes in your fan interaction, website traffic, and sales.