Exclusive Monthly SEO and Marketing Service Packages

Because of the quality of content, convenience of connected services, and surprisingly affordable prices, Jurevicious Studios has a very exclusive client list. For this reason, we can’t always accept new clients. We currently have availability for an additional client in our Exclusive Monthly Service area.

Below are some of our most effective monthly marketing packages. Each package includes a well-rounded list of services like regular website maintenance, blogging, social media management, and multimedia publication and promotion. Some packages also include email marketing and PR opportunities. Click a product image or title to find out what’s included.


Check Our Ethics

Please note, because we are a white hat SEO and marketing company, we will not compete against ourselves. In other words, we do not accept multiple clients in overlapping industries and service areas. At this time, we already have clients in the following industries:

  • Finance Expert/Author (global)
  • Jewelry (Global)
  • Senior Living Real Estate (National)
  • Insurance (Northwest)
  • Business Management (Oregon/Washington)
  • Wealth Management (Portland/Vancouver)
  • Hotel/Lodging (Maupin)
  • Hunting/Fishing (Maupin)
  • Rafting (Deschutes)
  • Pet Boarding and Training (Hood River)
  • Weddings (Columbia Gorge)
  • Life Coaching (Portland)

If you feel you are not in a competing industry and would like to see what we can do for you, please give us a call.

Are We Looking for Your Business?

The marketers at Jurevicious Studios are always coming up with great ideas and right now, they’re ramping up for the next big project. To make an even bigger impact, we’d love for one of our next clients to be in an industry related to one of the following:

  • Hood River hotel/lodging
  • Gorge charity/non-profit
  • Hood River dining
  • Portland dining
  • Portland events/venue
  • Portland hotel/lodging
  • Products Made in Oregon/USA

If your business fits into one of these categories, we can fit you into our client list right away!  If not, don’t worry, every now and then, we have an opening, so please check to see if we can we have time to work with your business.