Content is what drives the Internet. If people aren’t going online to look at pictures, articles or videos, then they’re probably not going online. Sure, checking emails and chatting with friends is a great reason to visit the web, but every now and then, those friends will send a link to a funny video, or they’ll upload a picture that’s been circulating the web since Windows 95. Content creators come in all forms. Copywriters, bloggers, photographers, journalists, and vloggers are all bulking up the Internet with their ideas and captures. While they usually start out as every day people sharing parts of their personal lives or ideas with others, these content creators are sometimes pushed into the spotlight as Internet celebrities. In fact, some of these celebrities even become famous outside the confines of the World Wide Web.

Richard Florida, researcher and author of globally acclaimed The Rise of the Creative Class, attributes this content fame partly to social media. When content is created, it no longer sits on its original site, waiting to be seen. Instead, people from all around the world might like it and share it, creating a waterfall effect of sharing. Popular videos now have the ability to blow up and become as famous and talked-about as blockbuster hits with multi-million dollar budgets. These stars of Internet fame are now their own class of individuals, the Content Creation Class. They have sway in the public opinion, and whether they’re uploading videos of themselves lip syncing along with the Spice Girls or writing hard-hitting political articles, the content creators have everyone’s attention.

While the rest of us might be sitting in our skivvies watching and reading this content, the creators might be making tens of thousands of dollars off of every click. Some people do even better, like Justin Bieber. Though we hate to admit it, he was showing off some serious talent as a twelve-year-old playing guitar on YouTube before he reached mega-stardom, and YouTube was exactly how he was discovered. Once a content creator, he is now more like the king of the Content Creation Class.

While your content may never have a following of several million screaming girls, it’s important you try to strive to become part of the Content Creation Class in order to drive traffic to your brand or organization’s website. If you are not making it yourself, your curating of the content makes you a consumer, and your web traffic will be unaffected. Curating content works for sites like Reddit and Pinterest, but it won’t do much for your brand. However, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you start creating. In many cases, these questions have two answers and each is beneficial in its own right. You’ll simply need to decide which will benefit your brand more.

Should You Hire a Copywriter?

There are certainly benefits to creating your content on your own as a company. You can brainstorm the content as if it’s an advertisement, and then you can post it knowing that you have complete creative control over where the discussion will go. Whether you’re launching a blog for your brand or launching a YouTube channel with videos you’re hoping will go viral, creating your content might be difficult, but it is certainly worth it. However, there are a few drawbacks as well. Without the expert knowledge of a seasoned copywriter, vlogger, or even photographer, you might have trouble creating quality. Also, your content consumers might not trust your content since it is clearly sponsored and distributed with a purpose. For that reason, hiring a copywriter and content creator might be a better idea.

If it Doesn’t already Exist, is it Relevant?
When you begin brainstorming new content to produce under your brand or organization, you might run into a common problem. It seems as though everything has already been done on the Internet. If it hasn’t, you’ll wonder why not. It’s difficult to think of new ideas, especially when you need to apply them to your brand. While this consideration might make you question your ability to create valuable content, don’t let it stop you. Content can be popular for a number of reasons, so just create content relevant to your brand and don’t get too hung up on relevancy to the web as a whole.

Many companies and organizations spend too much time focusing on their content going “viral.” When you think about the Content Creation Class, many of the posts are not viral, but they still have thousands of views. Even a company such as “Swiffer” has a full page of search results on YouTube, and few videos have less than 1,000 views. These videos might not be viral, but they are certainly being seen. Another advantage of hiring seasoned copywriters and other creatives is that they often have great ideas to keep your content fresh.

Should You Post for Quality or Quantity?
When creating content for your brand, you’ll have a lot of platform options to choose from. You should pick a platform based on your audience. However, you should think about short versus long posts and the frequency of those posts. Whether you’re making videos or blog posts, the length will matter. By making long posts, you’re implying that your content is valuable and worth the attention of your audience. At the same time, you’re risking losing their attention, which could be worse. However, by creating many short posts or videos, they might start to feel like you’re spamming them with too much at once. This is a fine line to walk, so be careful when making this choice. Consider your audience and their attention span when making this decision.

Becoming part of the Content Creation Class will help bring traffic to your site, but it’s not easy when you have a business to run. When hiring content creators, remember that those who specialize in multimedia and copywriting will provide more value than content curators. However, they will be more expensive. Consider their quality content an investment in your business. The best strategy is the find a writer or designer you like and then develop a partnership in which you get to contribute ideas and direction, and they turn your content into gold.