How’s your social media fan count these days? If you own a business, then your social media marketing strategy depends on that number being big and getting bigger.  Whether you need more fans for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or another site, it’s important to understand that one kind of post isn’t enough.  Constantly posting the same kind of update will only reach one type of fan.  When you consider that people from all over the world use social media, your fans likely make up a very diverse group, so it would benefit your fan page and your business to learn what types of fans you have and how to market to them through your fan page.

Social Media Marketing for the Purchase-Ready Fan

When it comes to fans, the easiest kind to market to are those already thinking about making a purchase.  The purchase-ready fan is obviously our favorite kind, and most companies are already marketing to them.  What does a purchase-ready fan want to see in your social media updates?  Anything that helps them make a purchase.  First and foremost, that means posting links to products and services they want to buy.  A link to your home page may not be enough.  Give them a path straight to the checkout line with links that take them to the page where they can actually make their purchase.  Studies show that the easier it is to buy, the more likely fans are to become customers.

That’s not the only kind of update these fans would appreciate though.  Any post that lets them know about sales you’re having or gives them a coupon code for savings will help them make the final leap from fan to customer.

Companies who are eager for conversions do a great job of using these strategies to market to purchase-ready fans.  Unfortunately, they tend to pay attention to them almost exclusively, which causes them to miss out on a lot more fans, and consequently, a lot more business.

Marketing to the Research-Oriented Fan

Consider fans who are still in the research phase of their purchase.  They’ve identified that they have a need or a want, but they just aren’t sure which company would be best for their purchase.  This fan could turn into a customer- if you play your posts just right.  Make the job of comparison and research easier for them.  You can do this by posting charts that compare product aspects from a variety of companies.  Of course, you’d be wise to make sure to only show those where your company comes out on top.  If you have a place for customers to leave reviews on your site, you can also take quotes from the positive ones and add them to your updates.  Popular opinion can be a powerful tool when it comes to social media marketing.  Weave in these comparisons, reviews, and other helpful statistics between promotions.  If one post convinces them your product or service is the best, hopefully the next will take them straight to the purchase.

Engaging the Skeptical Fan

If you’ve tried these techniques but you’re still losing fans, it may be that you haven’t catered to those more skeptical about your company.  Just because they clicked like on your Facebook page or started following you on Twitter doesn’t mean they’re totally convinced.  The skeptical fan is the hardest to convert, but they’re on your page for a reason.  They just need convincing.  Post persuasive arguments about how your product/service can be used and how it can make their life easier.  Is it going to save them time, money, or improve their life in some other important way?  Show them exactly how that can happen with links to demo videos and step-by-step how-to articles.  Sometimes, they need to actually see a product or service in action to be convinced it’s worth their time and money.  What’s even better is that all this extra posting and content creation won’t just help your social media marketing, but also your search engine optimization, so it will be well worth your time and money too.