The Google plus one button is one of the most underused yet valuable ways to advertise your business on the Internet. However, aside from running a likeable and honest business, you don’t have any control over the plus ones your company or company’s website will get. The Google plus one button is essentially a fancy way for consumers to communicate and share interests via word of mouth.

When someone gives your website a plus one, they might be doing it for a few different reasons. First, they might do it so that the site is saved in their own Google plus account. That way, when they’re looking for your site or even just looking for places to go around the web, they’ll be reminded of your site and might pay a visit. More importantly, they could also give your site a plus one to publically endorse it. If they were impressed by your product or services in person, they may want to share that experience with their friends. Then, when their friends are searching the web for your products or services but have never heard of your company, they’ll see a “+1” next to your link in a search. It’s as if their friend is making a recommendation that they go to your site right on the search page. Your site could also get a plus one if someone simply enjoys it for its activities or usability.

How do you get more plus ones then? Having a reputable business is a good start, but there are certain strategies you can use to make sure your target market is sharing your company’s site with friends. Whether or not people give your site a plus one largely depends on how they are using the Internet.

Is Your Audience Single or Married?

More single people are using Google plus than married people. Of the total users on Google Plus, 42.06% are single, whereas only 27.39% are married. The difference might be because single adults tend to be on the younger side, so they’re more apt to adopt the new technology that Google Plus has to offer. Even if married people using Google Plus are young, they are usually more set in their ways with their spouse. For example, they won’t need to find new and exciting places to go with a group of friends, because they’re content spending time with their family.

If you’re trying to get plus ones from single users, make sure your business or website is one that will be valuable to them based on the way they use the Internet. Many single adults are constantly checking their dating or social media website profiles and making connections with people in their city. Therefore, you should make sure your restaurant or nightclub’s website comes up with a bunch of plus one endorsements when they search for fun things to do.

Are You Marketing to Adults or Teens?

Obviously, adults and teens use the Internet very differently. For the most part, adults go online with a specific purpose. Appealing to adults so that they give you a plus one with their Google account mainly involves impressing them in person. If you run a restaurant, provide adults with outstanding service and they’ll be more likely to give you a plus one so their friends know where to go on date night. The same goes for retail stores, auto body shops, or any other business that might be searched for on Google. Most importantly, you need to remind your patrons that they should give you a plus one. The service is still relatively new, so making sure they carry through with the endorsement is important. Only 13% of adults in the United States are on Google plus, but there is a good chance that when one is on the site, most of their friends are on as well.

Teens don’t just go online to look up where to get dinner or see a movie. Instead, teens spend hours on end just browsing the Internet. If you want Google plus ones from this audience, you’ll need to wow them with your site. By endorsing it, they’re suggesting that their friends go there, which means there’s a lot at stake. Teens strive to look hip, so they’d never endorse a site that wasn’t cutting edge. Luckily, as more parents hop on Facebook and Twitter, more teens are hopping over to Google Plus where they can get some privacy, so take advantage of that new trend by marketing to them.

Is Your Target Audience Male or Female?

Depending on the product or service your company offers, there’s a good chance your target market is comprised mostly of male or female customers. If you’re trying to get plus ones to expand business within your target market, you’ll have better luck with females. More than half of all Google plus users are female at 67%, while males only make up 32% of the social site. However, that’s not to say you won’t have any success getting plus ones from your male users.

Think about how men and women are using the Internet to gain their plus ones. While on the web, men are more likely to read the news, book travel, check sports scores, and download music. They also spend more time online researching tech gadgets. If you want them to recommend your site to friends, make sure it can fit into any of these categories. Most women use the Internet as their primary source for product information, reviews, and health information.

Get Google plus ones for your business by appealing to your target audience online. The plus one button operates on the accurate notion that friends share similar interests. If one customer enjoys a particular restaurant or hair salon, there’s a good chance his or her friends will enjoy it, too, so why not apply that knowledge to a smarter social media marketing campaign that incorporates Google Plus?