Writing is something we all have to do in our daily lives, but that doesn’t make everyone a writer. Unfortunately, with the rise in content creation and SEO services, too many people are labelling themselves as such. You can find writers who will work for a penny per word, but if those words aren’t well-crafted, they won’t do your business blog any good.

Resist the urge to hire cheap content writing from non-native English speakers or fluff content from SEO providers who don’t understand the craft. Even if their writing seems good at first glance, if it doesn’t bring in business, it’s a waste of your money. There are plenty of skilled writers available, and if you’re willing to invest in them, your business blog will benefit.

SEO Expertise

No matter how great your blog sounds, if it’s not SEO-friendly, then people won’t be able to find it. A professional blog writer will know how to create and use titles, keywords, subtitles, images, and more to make sure search engines will give them a high ranking. They will also know how to increase the overall SEO power of your website with a long-term blog strategy. Ask for a copywriter who not only knows your industry, but also basic html coding and SEO best practices.

Consistency and Creativity

Coming up with great topics and delivering them in a creative way takes more than writing skills. We find the most difficult characteristic to find in a content creator has to do with ideas. You want someone who can take your SEO and industry blog goals and come up with topics your customers will actually want to read. Doing this for the first month is easy; keeping it up for a year or more gets tough. Look for blog writers who have been writing for their clients long-term and take the time to read that work. If you see consistency when it comes to their ideas week after week, month after month, and year after year, they just might be the writer for your business.

Grammar Matters

If you aren’t a writing teacher, journalist, editor, or professional writer with a degree in the field, then it’s highly likely you aren’t aware of all the grammar rules. Graduating high school and/or college make you competent, but are you willing to bet your Google rank that your grammar is correct? We see a lot of errors in the writing we optimize, including starting sentences with conjunctions like “and” or “but,” improper use of semicolons, and unnecessary capitalization.

Let’s say you have perfect grammar and complex vocabulary is right up your ally. Unfortunately, this too could be hurting your rank. You need to remember that search engines like Google are trying to make the internet more accessible and useful to the majority of people. Not too surprisingly, the majority of people have only a high school freshman reading level. That means you don’t want to use overcomplicated sentences or vocabulary. A professional blogger will know exactly what language to use in which situation.

The Art of Engagement

Keeping your audience entertained is another important aspect of a blog. This is what keeps them reading, persuades them to buy, and inspires them to share. There are a lot of SEO companies out there right now pushing fluff content. While the writing may have the right SEO characteristics, you’ll find it a terrible read. Once your audience catches on, Google will too. Nothing can replace the skill of a true writer. The organization of the blog, the word choice, the format- all of it should be masterfully crafted to increase engagement. Look for writers whose blogs are easy to read and that spur some emotional reaction in you.

Ethical Blog Writing

Not many business owners consider the ethics of their blog writers, and this is unfortunate. If we want to make our society great and inspire future generations of good people, then ethics should always be at the forefront of our minds when making business decisions. A copywriter with good ethics will always deliver original, not plagiarized, content that contains a true and important message. These days, you can hire writers with missions that include sustainability, charity, and a commitment to providing only ethical content. You may need to dig a little deeper to find writers like this, but we’re out there!