Sure, your social media strategy may be friendly to your followers, but is it friendly to search engines? Gathering followers isn’t the only thing a social media business page is good for. It can also help point traffic to your site, by becoming a major SEO satellite. While you’ll still want to follow the standard social media marketing techniques, like post daily, interact often, and keep the content relevant, but you’ll also need to consider how your page relates to your business website and what people are searching for.

Content, Keywords, and Hashtags – Oh My!

First of all, don’t go posting the same quote on every platform. Google looks for duplicate content and rewards those who are all about putting up original, helpful information. Second, try to get a keyword into as many posts as possible. The same keywords you’re using on your website should be included in your social media campaign. Believe it or not, your social media posts could pop up in search engines because they talk about or share content with your keywords. This boosts the number of links pointing back to your site, in turn boosting your ranking in the search engine for those terms. In other words, don’t forget to include links back to your site in posts now and then – along with keywords. Also, both Twitter and Facebook are using hashtags now. By using these with your keywords, your posts may pop up during social media searches and seen by people who are not yet following you.

Don’t Stop after Optimizing Posts

Optimizing the content in your posts is only the first step. Don’t stop there. You need to make sure you’ve filled out all of the information about your business. Do not use the same content for every platform. You can reuse your same title and slogan of course, but the rest of the about info should be original and optimized. The same goes for the media you share, the photo albums you create, and even the events you host.

Also, while people and places are probably not necessarily your keywords, they can be useful tools to extend your reach. Whenever you post a picture, mention another business, highlight a contest, etc., tag the people and places involved. This way, those people, places, and connected fans will discover your post and share it themselves.

Set Up a Facebook Page Web Address

One feature that many businesses overlook is the Facebook page address. It is so surprising to see longtail URLs on business cards, websites, and brochures that look like: , when companies can set them to their name to look like: This feature makes it much easier to remember, much more professional, and much more attractive. To set up your Facebook web address, follow these steps:

  • Go to the Admin Panel on your company page.
  • Click Edit Page and then Update Page Info.
  • Select Enter a Facebook Web Address and then Create a Web Address for This Page.
  • Select Continue.
  • Select your company’s page.
  • Enter the web address you would like (no spaces) and it will check it availability.
  • Agree to the terms by clicking Confirm.
  • Confirmation of your new web address will appear; click Ok.

If you’re a beginner to social media or simply don’t have time to optimize and manage your platforms, simply delegate the task to someone else. Because social media has increased in importance when it comes to search engine optimization, investing in a more optimized campaign and social media marketing team will be well worth the cost.