One strategy most marketers commit to right away is saturating the market with brand imagery. In the past, this meant billboards, flyers, business cards, and print ads right along with all the digital mediums. However, as more audiences seek out environmentally-friendly alternatives, sustainable marketing has become a much more ethical and efficient option. At Jurevicious Studios, we provide sustainable marketing services in Portland and around the world, and although we’re not 100% green…yet…we strive to make as many of our practices as eco-conscious as possible.

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

The first and most obvious step is reducing our carbon footprint. We do not operate out of a corporate office. Instead, in order to decrease emissions, every partner and freelancer works from home, commute-free. There are several great tools out there that allow us to do this and still carry out business efficiently. We hold as many meetings as possible via video chat on Skype and Google Hangout. In fact, about 95% of our communications are digital, making the internet a crucial aspect of our operations. When clients request a meeting in person, we are happy to oblige, but organize carpools to keep emissions to a minimum. Providing marketing services in Portland makes being green even easier, because we get to choose from alternative energy options, smarter waste-management strategies, and reduce-reuse-recycle programs abound.

Investing in Local Talent

A big part of sustainability is being able to subsist on the resources in our area. It is for this reason that we give preference to local freelance contractors when seeking new talent. Not only do our fellow Portlandians offer a wealth of knowledge, skills, and creativity, but they come with a similar mindset in terms of both ethics and the environment. Whenever possible, we select Portland copywriters and graphic designers who share our goals for all of our important business services.

Promoting Likeminded Businesses

For a marketing company, you probably wouldn’t think being selective about clients a smart business strategy, but we are picky about the company we keep. Marketing is what propels products and organizations into the spotlight, and we believe it’s important to promote the right ones. We love helping businesses that promote sustainability. In fact, Sustain Interiors in Hood River, a showroom that sells sustainably-sourced building and design supplies, was one of our very first clients. We also provide free workshops to budding entrepreneurs at Gorge Innoventure, a nonprofit organization that supports local start-ups. Another client we are proud to promote, Northwest Business Law Group, not only uses sustainable business practices, but also donates their time and money to a new charity every month! It’s organizations like these that make marketing a truly satisfying field.

If you’re in need of sustainable marketing services in Portland, give us a call, or at least seek out a marketing team who is as dedicated to investing in their community and the environment as they are to promoting your brand. That’s something we can all respect.