Thank you for taking the time to peruse our infographic portfolio, which feature a small selection of our published works to show you our range of styles. Each of the projects below have been published for satisfied clients, whether in print or online.

Family Buying Power Infographic

This family buying power infographic was designed for a family-oriented product ad and sales website. We were given a sample that the client wanted us to mimic in terms of style. All research, copywriting, and graphics were developed by Jurevicious Studios.

Family Buying Power Infographic

Overtime Management Infographic

This overtime management design was for an employment solutions company who wanted to explain their service in a visually engaging way. OT Solved provided the required information, and Jurevicious Studios created the layout, organization, and graphics for the piece.

Overtime Management Infographic Design

Car Infographic

This car infographic was designed for Everyday Classic Cars, a buyer and seller of the classic cars we all know and love. We were asked to conceptualize, research, write, and design an American themed infographic that communicates the beauty and craftsmanship of some of the most popular cars from the past.

Car Infographic Design

Gambling Infographic

This multi-infographic gambling project was for a UK client who challenged us with creating a series of visually engaging infographics using only grey tones. Research, copywriting, and graphics were all completed by Jurevicious Studios.

Gambling Infographic Design

Investment Infographic

Making investing easy to understand isn’t a simple task, but that’s exactly what we were hired to do for Chuck Price at Price Financial Group Wealth Management. He asked us to come up with a topic and infographic that people would understand and would want to share. That’s how we came up with this investment infographic.

Investment InfoGraphic Design

Attorney Infographic

Regular client Eric Helmy, a local business lawyer, prides himself on living in and serving the Northwest. He challenged us to create media that not only promoted his business but also showed his connection to the Seattle area. As a result, we designed this lighthearted attorney infographic that any Washington resident is sure to appreciate.

Attorney Infographic Design