Welcome to the Jurevicious Studios logo portfolio, where we have featured some of our favorite logo designs completed for satisfied clients. Click on a design below to get a better look.

Salon Logo

We were honored to be selected to create all the start-up materials for Salon Breeze in Arlington, Oregon. They suggested the concept and then asked us to create an elegant design that communicated beauty and relaxation.

Salon Logo Design

Law Firm Logo

Recently, we created an entire branding study for Northwest Business Law LLC, which ultimately resulted in this logo design. We were challenged with coming up with a design concept that not only communicated the industry and focus of the firm, but also the importance of its roots in the northwest. We made the branding process a little more interesting, by inviting the client’s social media audience to help us choose the winning design.

Law Firm Logo Design

Acupuncturist Logo

Nikol Angel, acupuncturist and provider of alternative medical services, wanted a logo that communicated her commitment to holistic healing for her new practice. We had fun designing this professional logo with complimentary strong and soft elements.

Acupuncture Logo

Tea House Logo

This organic-inspired logo was created to instill a sense of well-being with a nod to nature-oriented eastern themes. Our clients at the Good Medicine Lounge, where they serve organic teas, coffees, and holistic healing products, liked the rough yet purposeful strokes in this design.

Tea House Logo

Financial Author Logo

When asked to create his website, edit his book, and market his new Financial Doctor persona, Chuck Price realized he needed a logo for the campaign. We created this finance-inspired logo just for this purpose.

Financial Author Logo

Band Logo

While most of our clients are entrepreneurs of some sort, we were excited to create this logo for musician Brandon Stewart. He had just launched his online music persona with the band name Scoville and wanted a dark, album-cover look to match his gothic rock sound.

Band Logo Design