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SEO-Friendly Web Design

Having a great website is crucial to any internet-based business. That’s why our web designers take the time to understand what you need your website to do and how you want visitors to interact with it. Our sites are built with SEO in mind and filled with engaging, multimedia content.

Whether you need a new website, a site expansion, or just some tweaking, we can help. With one of our custom SEO Audits, you can even find out what needs to be done to your site to make it more attractive to search engines. Take a look at our services below or browse our web design portfolio.

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Website Design Packages

With every Jurevicious Studios website, you get a mobile-friendly design with a user-friendly layout, beautiful images, best practice SEO, and engaging copywriting. The price all depends on the size and function of your website. Take a look at our standard web design packages below. If you don’t see exactly what you need, contact us for a customized quote.

For small businesses that simply want to advertise their business online, a Basic Website Package should work. Get all the modern features listed above in an attractive and professional 8-page website.

Price: $2000

For businesses that need a little more customization to present their brand, the Professional Website Package is recommended. Get all the automation and interaction you need in an engaging 12-page website.

Price: $3500

For businesses needing large websites or those needing eCommerce programming and security, the Premium Website Package is a must. Get an Internet storefront with secure checkout and 25 pages for products and branding.

Price: $5000

Web Design Services by the Hour

Website Design

Get a custom-made website that caters to your customers and is search engine optimized.  Our professional web designers can create a site for your blog, videos, products, and more.  We also offer affordable web hosting and content for your new design.

Price: $70/hr

Website Programming

When a basic template won’t cut it, you need serious programming built to your specifications.  For sites with a lot of interactivity and complex actions, our web designers use their programming skills to create stunning, user-friendly websites.

Price: $90/hr

Site Maintenance

If you have a great site but need a few tweaks, our web designers offer website maintenance services as well.  We can update your content, fix errors, transfer your site, and take care of whatever else your site needs.

Price: $70/hr


Sometimes you just need someone to walk you through the process or help you locate the source of a problem.  Our friendly website designers are happy to help you by phone, video chat, or screenshare.

Price: $70/hr

SEO Services

The web designers and content creators at Jurevicious Studios are experts in the SEO industry. We know how to get your website and media noticed in search engines. If you’ve put a lot of time and money into creating the content, why wouldn’t you put just as much effort into making sure people can find it? Check out our SEO services below, and let us know how we can help.

SEO Audit

Why isn’t your site getting any traffic? Do you even know if it is? Many people say an SEO Audit is the most valuable report they ever read when it came to their web design and Internet marketing strategies. Let us diagnose your website’s search engine optimization issues in an easy to understand multi-faceted report. Once you know what’s holding it back from making the best Google rankings, you can take action to fix it.

Price: $1000

Website Optimization

Once you’ve determined what’s wrong with your site in terms of search engine optimization (see SEO Audit), it’s time to take action. Our team will go through your entire website updating the design, copy, media, and more to help improve search engine rankings and website traffic.

Price: $3000

SEO Boost

Did your search engine optimized website once have great rankings, but lately, they’ve been lagging behind the competition? It may be time to refresh your site for a quick SEO boost. We’ll make sure your site’s rankings don’t stay stale with 3 SEO-Boosting months of great new multimedia content and social media management.

Price: $2500

SM Profile Optimization

Your website isn’t the only thing that needs search engine optimizing. All of the social media platforms you use should also be customized so search engines can find them easier and so it can see the connections between those profiles and your website.

Price: $300

Website Hosting

By choosing one of our affordable hosting plans, you can get all your website needs in one place.  We have packages to suit all sizes of websites and budgets.

Great for small sites with limited traffic and less than 5 email accounts.

Price: $10/month

Perfect for small business sites with fewer than 10,000 visits per/month. Comes with custom email account setup.

Price: $12/month

Includes an IP address and 800 number. This web hosting package allows for on-site eCommerce and unlimited bandwidth and traffic.

Price: $15/month

For extremely resource intensive projects, we also offer VPS or dedicated hosting. Depending upon the level of service and resources that you need, we can provide suitable hosting.

Price: inquire

Why Choose Us

  • Our web design is about quality, not quantity.
  • Every site design is original, SEO-rich, and error-free.
  • Our style is professional and engaging.
  • We don’t consider the job done until clients are satisfied.
  • We are a one-stop shop for your entire campaign.

What Clients Say about Our Web Design

“Unbelievable!!! Professional and supportive service…. and FANTASTIC writing! I HIGHLY recommend!!!!”
Veronica, TwoMoveYou
Steers clear of the boring run-of-the-mill type of article. The result is a very interesting read that will educate and entertain your readers and yourself included. Highly recommended!!!
Tom, Innovalist
The quality of the research and finished product were truly great.
Jovanka, Health and Wellness Coach
Good quality work, research, writing, and posting abilities. Will hire again”
Scott, Waterhavens Real Estate