Welcome to the Web Design Portfolio of Jurevicious Studios

Whether you need a site built from scratch, an update to your current site, or a simple add-on, our web design team can help. All of our designs are completely search engine optimized, mobile-friendly, and ready for ecommerce. We also offer exclusive tutorials so you can take your site over when we’re finished. Take a look at some of the websites we’ve designed for satisfied clients below.


Law Firm Website

This website was created for a local law firm. They asked us to create a much more modern design that catered to their Portland-Seattle clientele. They needed it to be SEO- and mobile-friendly while maintaining the integrity of their Northwest brand and client culture.

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Responsive Law Firm Website Design by Jurevicious Studios

Service Website Design

You might recognize this particular website. That’s right, it’s our very own JureviciousStudios.com, designed by yours truly. We’ve had lots of compliments on the design, so we decided to add it to our portfolio. With this site, we wanted to explain the services we offer in a visually compelling way.

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Responsive Service Website Design by Jurevicious Studios


Author Website

One of our finance clients decided to write a book, so we took on his PR. Our campaign included a brand new author website featuring him as The Financial Doctor. On this site, he wants fans to get their financial questions answered and of course to buy books! We also make changes to his site on a regular basis to optimize for search engines, conversions, and campaigns.

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We Offer Affordable eCommerce Web Design in Portland and Beyond!

Clinic Website

Alternative medicine is a growing industry, so we’ve been seeing a lot of new websites and SEO for those keywords. Nikol Angel, an acupuncturist in Hood River, asked us for an SEO-Friendly website design for her clinic. She felt it was important to project the calm yet invigorating atmosphere of her clinic as well as her mission of healing.

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Home Page:
Acupuncture Clinic Website Design

Service Page
Acupuncture Clinic Website Design - Service Page