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Affordable Social Media Marketing

Social media has become much more than a means for casual conversation. Users now search, shop, follow, and flock for their favorite brands. It’s no surprise it continues to grow either, as the industry makes a great fit with the booming mobile market. With billions of consumers on social media platforms daily, it only makes sense then that your business should have a social presence so fans can find you. If daily posts, fan interactions, group involvement, viral post research, and promotion strategy are more than you have time for though, it’s time to get help.

Our social media marketing services are effective in growing fan bases and maintaining the integrity of each brand we promote.

Platforms We are Proud to Manage

Our social media marketing services include Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, SnapChat and ReciProty. Your platform not on the list? Just ask!

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Social Media Management Packages

What’s different at JureviciousStudios.com? We actually list our prices! Why do we do this when no other social media marketing company does? We do it because we’re confident we can beat their prices while still delivering professional and effective services. It’s important to point out that experts recommend using two or three social media platforms and posting on each three times per day for maximum impact. For this reason, we offer several packages that vary by number of platforms, posts, and pricing, for your convenience. Each package comes with professional and engaging posts, expert marketing management, and targeted audience engagement.

  • Basic: $300/month – 1 post/day
  • Plus: $350/month – 2 posts/day
  • Premium: 400/month – 3 posts/day
  • Basic: $325/month – 1 post/day/platform
  • Plus: $400/month – 2 posts/day/platform
  • Premium: $475/month – 3 posts/day/platform
  • Basic: $350/month – 1 post/day/platform
  • Plus: $450/month – 2 posts/day/platform
  • Premium: $550/month – 3 posts/day/platform
  • Basic: $375/month – 1 post/day/platform
  • Plus: $500/month – 2 posts/day/platform
  • Premium: $625/month – 3 posts/day/platform
  • Basic: $400/month – 1 post/day/platform
  • Plus: $550/month – 2 posts/day/platform
  • Premium: $700/month – 3 posts/day/platform

New Profile

It’s crucial to have your social media profile set up properly. This affects both your search engine optimization and your brand’s image, and both of those affect your inter marketing success. If you want to make sure your fans can find you online, let us create a social media page for your business.

Price: $400

Profile Optimization

If you haven’t had much success in the way of fans or traffic, your business profile may need to be optimized. Improve both your profile and SEO with this simple step. Let our talented marketers beef it up with an SEO-friendly description, portfolio organization, and group involvement.

Price: $300

Social Media Banner

Make a statement with an attractive banner for your social media business page. Send fans a message about your brand, promote a contest, announce a discount, and more. Just let us know about your campaign and our graphic designers will create a custom social media banner for you.

Price: $200

Social Media Ad

Unfortunately for businesses, not all of your page’s posts are shown to fans 100% of the time. It is possible to increase the number of impressions and clicks though, with a PPC social media ad. Let us know the purpose of your ad, and our skilled marketers will take care of the imagery and language.

Price: $100

Social Media Marketing Services

Whether one-time, ad hoc, or monthly, these are some of our most popularly requested social media marketing services. Choose a package below to give your brand a social boost.

New social media profiles take time when it comes to growing a following, but you can give yours a kick start with this package. We make sure your social media page is properly setup, introduced, and promoted to get the biggest possible following from the get-go. Let us start your social media presence off right with:

  • New Profile Development
  • Custom Banner
  • Starter Albums
  • Social Ads
  • Group Involvement
  • Daily Double Posting
Price: $800

If your current social media page isn’t communicating your brand effectively, it might be time for an overhaul. Our social media marketers will create an image that suits your industry, product or service, and customer demographic. We consider the look, language, and viral potential when we give you:

  • Profile Optimization
  • Custom Banner
  • Starter Albums
  • One Month of Posts
  • Social Ad
Price: $600
Need a little help marketing your next big promotion on social media? Take advantage of our affordable social media marketing services. Our marketers, writers, and graphic designers will team up to develop the ideal social campaign for your needs. Get extra exposure with: a banner, ads, promotion-specific updates, and events.

  • Promotional Banner
  • Social PPC Ads
  • Promo Posts
  • Event Set-Up
  • Group Outreach
  • Strategy, Analysis, and Reporting
Price: $400

Why Choose Us

  • Our multimedia content is about quality, not quantity.
  • Every piece is original, SEO-rich, and error-free.
  • Our voices are professional and entertaining.
  • We don’t consider the job done until clients are satisfied.
  • We are a one-stop shop for your entire campaign.

“A natural at marketing, A quick adopter of marketing paradigms and techniques – They often go beyond our expectations.”
Levon, Prestige Care, Inc.
“Great job! We were excited with the outcome of good creative that will drive business. Cheers!”
Michael, Brand Expert
“I want to thank you and the Jurevicious team for doing such a great job with my blog posts and social media over the last year. It’s not often that I come across a company that surpasses my expectations, and for that I’m very grateful!”
Peter, Skip the Drive