• Find out why it's tme to improve Yahoo search rankings in 2015.
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    Yahoo Search Engine Steals 10% of Search Traffic to Start 2015

Yahoo Search Engine Steals 10% of Search Traffic to Start 2015

For quite some time now, we’ve been all about Google search engine optimization, and with 80%+ of all searches being performed on Google, that made sense. Of course, there’s always been other search engines in the mix, like Yahoo and Bing, but only barely. Lately though, Google […]

The 10 Biggest Factors Impacting Your Website Traffic

The following factors influence both your search engine optimization, website traffic, and visitor behavior. If you don’t have enough of a budget to give each of these attention right now, we’ve laid them out by order of priority here. If needed, take them one at a time […]

Seven Signs Your SEO Company is a Scam

The world of search engine optimization is no secret to most business owners with a website, but it’s quite obvious that spotting SEO scams still is. About 25% of our clients come to us after paying for SEO and getting no results – or no SEO at all […]

How to Blog: The 2013 Beginning Bloggers Edition

There have been a few requests for advice for beginning bloggers, and we are working on projects with clients who are just learning the craft as well. Since blogging has been such a massively expanding industry over the past decade, I assumed there would be an overabundance of webpages […]

Is Your Social Media Campaign SEO-Friendly?

Sure, your social media strategy may be friendly to your followers, but is it friendly to search engines? Gathering followers isn’t the only thing a social media business page is good for. It can also help point traffic to your site, by becoming a major SEO satellite. […]

Three Things an SEO Audit Tells You about Your Business

As the internet claims more sales worldwide, businesses are scrambling to finally address the internet equivalent of print advertising; SEO (search engine optimization).  If you want customers to find your products or services, your brand needs to be online, just as it would have been in the phone book […]

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    How to Improve SEO and Increase Site Traffic with Video Marketing

How to Improve SEO and Increase Site Traffic with Video Marketing

If you already have an internet marketing plan for your business, then it probably already includes social media, SEO, and email advertisers.  These are very effective and usually don’t cost too much compared to the return you get.  The cost of advertising though is often what keeps businesses from […]

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