Tips for Creating Content Marketing Campaigns

Blog 2 in the Jurevicious Studios 2014 Content Marketing Series

If you read our last blog explaining the benefits of content marketing, hopefully, you didn’t run out and buy a bunch of videos or articles right away. While it is important to put out content that funnels relevant traffic […]

Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Social media has become a great tool for businesses, but the marketing mistakes some people are making are causing their business profiles to do more harm than good. Do your best to avoid the following social media marketing mistakes.

This is the most common mistake we see. A […]

Is Your Social Media Campaign SEO-Friendly?

Sure, your social media strategy may be friendly to your followers, but is it friendly to search engines? Gathering followers isn’t the only thing a social media business page is good for. It can also help point traffic to your site, by becoming a major SEO satellite. […]

Internet Marketing with Google Plus

The Google plus one button is one of the most underused yet valuable ways to advertise your business on the Internet. However, aside from running a likeable and honest business, you don’t have any control over the plus ones your company or company’s website will get. The Google plus […]

Six Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Facebook Fans

In your company’s social media marketing plan, there is probably a section about increasing the number of Facebook fans you have. Right alongside “drive traffic” and “boost sales,” someone scrawled in a note about becoming more popular on the social media site. Being popular is certainly important, but you […]

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    How to Convert Social Media Fans by Differentiating Your Posts

How to Convert Social Media Fans by Differentiating Your Posts

How’s your social media fan count these days? If you own a business, then your social media marketing strategy depends on that number being big and getting bigger.  Whether you need more fans for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or another site, it’s important to understand that one kind of post […]

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