If you’ve been following our blog long, you already know we’re big fans of multimedia. Many companies interpret this as pictures and videos though. There are some great social media sharing tools for presentations and podcasts though, so don’t restrict your marketing potential by skipping those channels. We use AuthorStream and SlideShare to show off what our clients know. Take a look at a few of our examples and how they benefitted the client.

Presentations as Advice

Much like a blog, a presentation like the one below, can simply give out a few handy tips. In this case, carrying out a few of those tips would be helped by clicking the link and using the corresponding coupon for the client’s product. By doing this, we can play down the sales, increase awareness, and ultimately drive traffic to the client’s site. Click through the presentation below. So far, it has accumulate more than 700 views.

Presentations as Magazines

More and more presentations are getting shares on social media sites, because of the pop culture and eye-popping pictures they use to get attention. They combine both text and imagery to tell a story. Much as magazines did, and still do, when it comes to advertising, space on attractive slideshows is becoming prime real estate for ads. As you can see with the presentation below, the shape of a magazine page was used for the imagery and a black advertising bar was used to make the client’s call to action stand out. This presentation now has more than 600 views and is periodically shared on channels, blogs, and other social media pages each time the topic trends.

Presentations as SEO Power

If your presentation is designed and promoted correctly, it can have some real SEO power. To do this, it’s important to focus on industry topics, hit your keywords in your title and on a couple of your slides, and link them back to a relevant page on your site. In order for this to work though, the content you’re putting on the slides really needs to be high quality. In that case, hire a writer and graphic designer to put your ideas together in a way that will pop. Then, make sure your social media marketer is on top of promoting it. At Jurevicious Studios, we can provide all of those services in one place, as we did for the client in the next sample presentation. The presentation below started as a book, then a blog, and then transformed into the SEO tool it is today. The client’s campaign keyword is linked to product pages where he is selling a related book. Not only did this presentation funnel more traffic their way through the slide links, but it also increased the Google ranking of the sites those links pointed to, thus capturing him more page one search result traffic for those pages as well. It also increased his overall author rank on his desired industry focus.

Presentations as People Pleasers

If you have some great blogs and videos out there, why not reinterpret them as slideshows? If you’ve got some great product or service pictures, don’t be afraid to show them off with a presentation. You can even add timing, animation, and a soundtrack and put it on YouTube for yet another boost in SEO power. Just make sure you’re using the right keywords, that you’re keeping quality high, and that you go about releasing and promoting it properly. Otherwise, you could end up damaging your brand’s reputation and search engine ranking instead of helping it. This is why it helps to design your PR Presentation with the help of a skilled multimedia marketing content creation team.