Blog 2 in the Jurevicious Studios 2014 Content Marketing Series

If you read our last blog explaining the benefits of content marketing, hopefully, you didn’t run out and buy a bunch of videos or articles right away. While it is important to put out content that funnels relevant traffic back to your site, it’s crucial that content is high quality. Otherwise, it could do more harm than good to your rankings. It takes a very balanced approach and a skilled team of creatives to add the right kind of content to your overall marketing strategy. Try the following tips for fat results from your next content marketing campaign.

Stick to Your Campaign Theme

First of all, don’t think of content marketing as a separate marketing strategy. It should be incorporated into a well-balanced marketing campaign. That means start with your goals, concept, and language, and then be sure to include original multimedia content posted on external sites as one of the mediums through which you’ll spread the marketing message.

However, in between marketing campaigns, it’s also a good idea to supplement your content marketing strategy with some evergreen topics. This way, you can slowly create a powerful bank of commonly searched media with helpful content that points right back to your site.

Match the Media to the Audience

If you want to reach all audiences across all platforms, then we recommend using the full range of media at your disposal. For more focused campaigns though, you’ll get a better ROI by matching the media of your content to the demographic of your audience and the type of products or services you sell. For example:

  • Products: If you need online product shoppers, you can move them to the sales page with demo videos, top 10 lists, and product review articles.
  • B2B: If you need to gain the trust of business owners, you’ll need some credible articles, interviews, and tutorial videos on well-known websites.
  • Young: If much of your marketing campaign will target the 18-40 crowd, then infographics, polls, and videos are your best bet, especially when properly promoted via social media.

Maintain a Balance of Media

Of course, many companies need to attract a wide range of audiences across every marketing channel they have, and then hope for a high conversion rate to increase their sales and make it all worthwhile. If you want to reach a variety of demographics, then create a variety of media and promote them across a variety of platforms.

In other words, stop rephrasing your same marketing message across every platform:

  • We’re having a sale on hats!
  • Come to our hat sale!
  • Our hat prices will be discounted on Tuesday!
  • Etc.

Instead, create a different piece of media on topics related to and complimentary to that message and then market each one of those across every platform. This could involve:

  • Article: Hot Hats for Summer 2014
    • This could be a fashion article discussing hat trends and it has your hat on the list with a corresponding link back to your site.
  • Infographic: Which Type of Hat Are You?
    • A sort of personality test, interactive graphic, this uses hat styles to represent personalities to inspire hat purchases so viewers click the image.
  • Video: Stupid Hat Tricks
    • A video with viral potential as a compilation of customer videos doing humorous tricks with your hats.
  • Interview: Hats and Hoodies
    • An interview with a historian about the evolution of headwear and their predictions for the future of hats as well.
  • Poll: How long has it been since you washed your favorite hat?
    • A funny poll that reminds audiences they might need a new hat and the sponsor of the poll just happens to sell them.

Remember, each piece of media you create attracts clicks from a different type of viewer. Each should be a backlink to your site, no matter where it’s shared, and should include branding or a call to action so they know to follow those links.

It’s All about the Roll-Out

Once you’ve established your campaign and the type of content you want to produce, create a very careful schedule. If you publish too much content at once, Google believes you might be trying to falsely inflate your rankings with fluff content and unrelated backlinks. That’s why you want to use a natural schedule that allows you to roll out the content slowly and progress through your campaign in stages.

The frequency at which you promote the content to your fans will also impact your results. You don’t want to burn them out by pushing the same piece of content multiple times. Remember, the point of the differentiated content is so that you can communicate your marketing message multiple times without looking like you are. So in the example above, we’ve promoted our hats and 5 different ways, which counts as telling our audience 5 different times. You’ll get more clicks and fewer unfollows by doing this.

Let Your Brand Inspire

Even though when we talk about internet marketing, we often talk about “driving” traffic, this isn’t exactly the right term. When it comes to content marketing, you don’t want to overdo it with the salesmanship and branding. Instead, those aspects should be more subtle. It should be the attractiveness, topic, and value of the media that captures and engages your audiences. Ultimately, its message should then simply inspire them so they decide to click to learn more.

Your brand should also inspire your media topics and aesthetics. Yes, their main goal is to communicate the marketing message of the campaign, but they should do this by adding a touch of your brand to the hook, look, or perspective. This gives your audience a sense of your company culture and increases brand recognition across the web.

Quality Content Marketing Takes Skill

Creating an internet marketing campaign that maintains the delicate balance between branding, media, and website traffic takes a skilled team of marketers, writers, graphic designers, and video producers. Just ask all the companies NOT on page one of Google who tried to take on that mountain of content themselves. Invest in expert content creators, and you’ll get better results from your content marketing campaign.

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