Blog 3 in the Jurevicious Studios 2014 Content Marketing Series

Knowing what content marketing is and understanding its value is, unfortunately, the easy part. Creating engaging content that people actually want to see even though it’s sponsored by a company is actually pretty difficult and takes quite a bit of skill from marketers and content creators. It takes yet another level of skill though to gain the connections necessary to publish that content in useful locations.

Where NOT to Publish Sponsored Content

Obviously, it’s important to post content on your site, but you also want content out on the web that acts as a conduit to push traffic towards your site. You must use caution when posting though. If you put it on a site with a low page rank and bad SEO in general, this will hurt your rankings. If you put it on a site that is in no way related to your products or services, this will also hurt your rankings. Likewise, you don’t want to participate in any link directories or exchanges. Google looks down on this. Use your common sense and put your content where audiences actually want to see it.

Free Websites for Content Marketing

For new businesses that could use some traffic and advertising but don’t have the budget for big time content marketing, here are a few free options listed by order of value (most valuable first):

Best Websites for B2B Content Marketing

If you want your content to be even more valuable, you need to put it where your competitors aren’t. Remember, as valuable as YouTube and Pinterest may be, your competitors are most likely already there. You need to match these efforts and then go beyond. That means seeking out content marketing opportunities that may not be quite as obvious. We have gathered an extensive and exclusive list of content connections that we use for our clients, but here are just a few to give you an idea of what to look for out there on your own:

  • ReciProty: This little known but quickly growing community and business networking site allows you to publish your original articles for free, promote them on all media, and receive referrals from other members. It’s an incredibly valuable place to get B2B business exposure.
  • LinkedIn: This social network is known for content promotion, but not necessarily content publication. However, if you can get enough connections and post views, you could become an influencer. This gives you the right to post content right on LinkedIn to be featured in front of relevant audiences.
  • BizStoria: We actually just got wind of this one, which has a planned launch date of July 1st. It’s a brand new Digital B2B magazine, loaded with every type of media anyone could ever hope to find on every business niche imaginable. The magazine publishes only viral-worthy content that you can sponsor. The content and ad prices are super low for a site with so much B2B value, so we recommend investing now before traffic starts flowing and the prices increase accordingly.
  • News Sites: Any credible, well-known news site is great for your backlink catalogue. Unfortunately, it’s pretty tough to get published there. You either need a very newsworthy topic that will get picked up by a professional journalist, or you need a lot of money to pay for a contributing author spot. However, if you want local search traffic more than national, then it would be worth your while to seek publication in local online papers. This will be easier and cheaper, and it will get you a localized backlink, which is very powerful.
  • Niche Sites: Just as BizStoria publishes B2B multimedia content, there are thousands of sites out there that publish content on a regular basis within your specific niche. Look for online industry magazines and make an inquiry to see if they take on contributing authors or sponsored content.

If you are well-versed in SEO, a skilled marketer, and a talented writer or artist, then we encourage you to add content marketing to your business campaign as soon as possible. If one or all of these areas are not your strong suit though, we encourage you to give us a call. A poorly run content marketing campaign can seriously damage your internet reputation and rank. A strategic campaign with high quality content published in all the right places though, can give you a competitive edge in your industry. Let us know your budget and marketing needs, and our marketing company will create a plan that works for you.

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