You already know about the whole digital revolution and you’re probably already getting to know the world of internet marketing and SEO, but we’re willing to bet you might have missed one or two of the shocking statistics below. With massive amounts of traffic and conversions at stake, you can thank us later.

Videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 86%!

That’s right, videos will potentially bring you 86% more sales. Pretty shocking, right? You need to remember though; YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world. That’s before Bing and Yahoo and right behind Google. Also, Google and YouTube are partners. Therefore, adding a video to a landing page, perhaps hosted on YouTube and embedded on your site, is going to bring you a lot more searches on both Google and YouTube. Additionally, 80% of people would rather watch to learn information than read, so the bulk of your traffic will appreciate an explanatory, entertaining, and perhaps subtly persuasive video.

Don’t get intimidated at the idea of a full on commercial production though. A simple animation, animated slideshow, or text video will work just fine. Create a few short videos (most people stop watching the majority of videos about 90 seconds in) with catchy music, engaging copywriting, and artistic text animation that simply summarizes or expands on the contents of the landing page. Eventually, you can move on to product demos, how-to episodes, commercials, and more.

Companies with weekly blogs get 5x times more traffic!

This is the more common of the three statistics, but we’re still surprised how many people ignore it. That’s why we’re considering it missed. Sure, your company’s site has a blog. Yeah, you had some great blog ideas back when you were writing it. That’s just it though. Who has time to write it now? Is it your office temp copying and pasting from a competing company’s blog before his lunch break or a seasoned writer brainstorming new ideas that will bring in traffic and improve SEO? It’s important to keep your blog up to date and hire a blogger who can give it the attention it deserves in order to get the outcome you desire.

Infographics increase web traffic by 21%!

A traffic increase like this isn’t too surprising since we already know that articles with accompanying images are likely to receive 94% more visitors than an article without an image. For some reason though, people like infographics better than photos, charts, tables, or any other static image; 21% better to be exact. The integration of text and imagery seems to be an effective way to consume and understand statistics. For this reason, companies are creating their own infographics to market the benefits of their products, to train their employees, and to get people from visitor to customer.

A generic stock photograph is no longer enough for today’s online consumer. Luckily, graphic designers can easily create an infographic for any brand. It could contain a marketing message, be styled in corporate colors, and even take on the appearance of media preferred by a particular demographic. Infographics are usually posted on company websites, social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest, and on external blogging sites like Tumblr where they become high traffic backlinks.

You can’t really ignore statistics like these. Of course, we all know every business will have its own results and these can’t be true for everyone. However, the results are normally directly related to the effort and expertise put in to the marketing campaign. If the proper implementation of these strategies could increase your traffic and conversions even half as much, isn’t it worth it to invest in a marketing team that can make it happen? For advice on doing it yourself, read more of our blogs or contact us, and we’ll take care of everything!