Site owners and content creators work hard every day to come up with new content that people actually want to see. In order to keep traffic flowing, they have to make sure that content stays current, and sometimes, it’s hard to find new ways to attract traffic and engage visitors.

Invite Guest Bloggers to Post

One popular option for creating new content is by inviting guest bloggers to post in your blog. This can give you a break from coming up with new content and add a new perspective, and hopefully new information, to your site. These guest writers can benefit you in a few ways. Their blogs can be used for:

  • permanent content on your site
  • content for your email newsletters
  • and even additional money if you charge the blogger to include a contextual link.

If you only allow experts in your industry who have a following, you may even be able to snag some of their traffic when they stop by to see what their favorite blogger is up to.

Promote Special Guest Speakers for Live Webinars

Blogging isn’t the only way to get experts and traffic to your site. You should also consider streaming live webinars with some special guest speakers in your industry. Some people charge their visitors to watch the webinar, but others host them for free just to get the site traffic. If your expert is well-known and you promote a great topic that industry professionals would want to learn, you shouldn’t have too much trouble accumulating an audience. Also, with social media and user-friendly technology, setting up a live video event or podcast isn’t that difficult. You can now easily stream it live via:

  • YouTube with Google Plus Hangouts
  • Facebook’s LiveStream App as well as others
  • Twitter’s TwitCam, which is remarkably easy to set up

Most of these allow you to keep a recorded copy of the live event as well, so you can keep a link to it on your site for visitors who arrive after it has already aired- meaning webinars can bring you traffic now and later.

Host Expert Panel Internet Marketing Events

To get even more bang for your buck, you might invite multiple experts at once and host a panel discussion. More experts will bring you more traffic, because they’ll each have their own following, and they will inject a lot more information and insight into your content. A panel discussion, whether in blog, newsletter, video, or podcast form can have many different formats too. You can invite experts to participate in industry panels that are:

  • Q&A sessions in which the audience can ask questions and get advice
  • Tips and Tricks Seminars in which they discuss their success stories and methods
  • or even Think Tanks, where the experts work together to brainstorm industry innovations

No matter what media you use or how many experts you host, they can bring your site not only more high quality content, but a lot more traffic too.  Ask our PR specialists and branding experts to plan your next internet marketing event with experts that will bring in the traffic!