You are probably awesome at what you do. Right? You can admit it. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be in business. Perhaps you’ve worked your way up, studied for years, and somehow fought your way to the top. Congratulations on obtaining expert status! When it’s time to communicate your expertise to others though, does your message always get across effectively? Unfortunately, a love for word craft and a writing degree don’t automatically come with your education and experience, but writing expertise is crucial to many facets that can make or break your business.

Website Copywriting

Let’s start with the most obvious; your website. This is where you need to hook people, persuade them that you know what you’re doing, and ultimately, lead them to a purchase. If you simply describe the technical details of your industry, you’ll bore your laymen audience. If you hit them over the head with your sales pitch, you’ll lose them in the first 5 seconds. If you try to get too fancy with your content, you’ll bury your message in the fluff. For any business with an online presence, you must invest in a professional writer who can weave the important details of your products and services throughout engaging copy that leads your audience to take action. If your writing can’t do that, your website could hurt your bottom line.

Marketing Messages

For those of you who prefer to pound the pavement to get your sales, you probably rely on your charisma and ability to speak off the cuff. This is an important skill for any business person. However, what are you leaving potential clients with after your conversation? This may be a business card, brochure, flyer, or even an entire informational packet. When they pick it up off their desk in a week or two, having forgotten your face and your charm, your marketing message will need to stand on its own. You don’t want poor grammar, busy language, confusing organization, and other symptoms of amateur writing to be your lasting impression. Instead, use the services of a skilled copywriter and graphic design team to present a professional marketing message. Otherwise, how will you recoup the costs of printing all that material if it doesn’t inspire a sale?

Corporate Language

Once your marketing message is professional enough to bring in clients, you better have the products and services to back it up. This may be easier for solo entrepreneurs, but for those of you who must maintain quality control for an entire team, it is your job to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Most corporations do this through highly technical manuals, thorough business plans, annual, if not quarterly, marketing presentations, human resource packets, and more. All of these take a lot of research, precise organization, and efficient instructive language. Although you may know what you mean when you explain your procedures, it may not always come across clearly to overwhelmed employees learning it for the first time. There’s also the often forgotten quality of engagement. We don’t believe every corporate document has to be a snooze fest. In fact, the more engaging it is, the more likely your team will remember it.

Text-Based Revenue Sources

CEOs and entrepreneurs are often very hard working individuals. They work much more than five eight hour days to make sure their company stays profitable. What if your expertise could consistently earn you extra revenue, while your attention focuses elsewhere? More and more people are looking to passive revenue sources. These are expert-based products they can contribute to once and sell multiple times. The most popularly used are eBooks, whitepapers, eCourses, presentations, tutorial videos, and webinars. All of these require quite a bit of writing. Yes, even videos. It helps to have a script. You could wing it and risk your public reputation, or you could simply communicate your expertise to a writer and make sure those products become something people will actually want to buy. Then, it’s simply a matter of posting them on your website, setting up an eCommerce plugin, and letting those products do the work for you. After all, you have important information that other people need to and want to know. It’s just a matter of articulating it.

There’s no need to let poor copywriting fester on your website, and you don’t have to spend hours writing and deleting the same frustrating paragraph. Simply pair your work ethic and wisdom with our words and wit, and stop holding back your business!